Spiritually we always have been, created or born. Once we are born physically we pass through stages like childhood, adolescence and full maturity. But there are three births which open the heavenly womb. Learn how to enter this realm.


    Hardly anyone likes this word "REFORMATION" but we have been formed once, and then we keep on getting reformed. The first formation we get is from a parent, or parents or no parents. Perhaps foster parents. Society and school do form our thinking. Religion does too. Get in touch with your Maker. Get reformed again.


    There are three types of people that carry three categories within their genome: the field, tares and the good seed. This is something spiritual that interacts with the natural. Our genes act as tent pegs that hold down our genome tent. Inner struggles, self-doubts or bouts of joy come to us from many sources; one of them are our bell-ringing genes. Which type are you?


    Fear of the unknown. Fear of something that I can't control. Fear of losing it all... There is a knowledge so secure that our mind is not yet able to grasp, but we are working on it. The era of new consciousness has already released the first rays of its most glorious light and it is here. Apply yourself to grasp it. Remember that the self can be stubborn.


    Humility is nothing more than making oneself into a hollow and empty vessel and so made ready to be filled with something greater than self; only then one would open a door to God’s Spirit in order to go further; only then God’s Spirit has the permission to bring one into the blessed freedom of which Jesus spoke in John 8.


    Success is when you never get ill, have no fear of any kind and are like wind. You come and go and no one knows where you came from and where you are going. The born of the Spirit, born of God, sins no more and is even unable to sin anymore. That means he or she stopped hurting others and self. Peace and joy became their permanent character. That's the true success.


    A blessing awaits anyone who has not physically touched, tasted or seen and yet has believed but with what kind of faith, blind or educated hence intelligent? We glorify faith itself as something magical, so many nurture only wishful thinking in this regard. A blind faith is fruitless and it does not come from the disciplined creative part of our being, but rather from the primitive one.


    The supernatural sense leads to God's oneness. Anything that does not lead to the One, divides and fragments; hence, it makes no sense. The Spirit of Truth is the Truth because it makes all things as one. We can dip our mind in this wonderful realm of no time, locale, and where the truth-obscuring darkness is nonexistent; hence, no shadows, which are only created by physical objects.


1. The Kingdom Of The Perfect Peace

2. The Kingdom Of The Perfect Peace

3. The Kingdom Of The Perfect Peace


T Nance said...


Joseph Luxum said...

The secret is (all of my friends) is the drill. The deeper you drill into the supernatural realm of god's peace the further away you depart form man's knowledge. The knowledge like sugar, diabetes and other "crap" which we have subjected ourselves to.

Joseph Luxum said...

When you discipline your mind and tongue, to drill down to the Kingdom of God; you will ENTER. This is the secret!!! Do that over others and others should do over you.

Bettina Münchberg said...

What a most high message! I started the new year with listening to this - it was the best start! Thanks so much. I understand mow the difference between to be filled by the Holy Spirit and to be IN the Holy Spirit. It is like a empty cup that became full and overfilled so it run over and if that is going on and going on the cup will be not only overfilled it will be overwhelmed by this what is filling the cup.If this is the Holy Spirit (and His fruits)it will be wonderful! To the 3. part of this high message: can we say that we are on a journey, so now we are getting knowledge about THE Truth, about God and His kingdom and go deeper and deeper in this by leading of the Holy Spirit (teaching by His choosen vessels)- so we are still eating from the tree of knowledge, the tree of contrasts. But later on our journey we will go deeper and deeper in His realm of peace, a realm of no contrasts until this realm will overwhelm us. Then we will no longer eat from the tree of knowledge (contrasts)because we are only present, we are ONE like He is ONE. Sorry, I can it not so good explain what I read from your message. Did I understand it in the right mind?

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